Assembly Drawings

Schematics and CAD Drawings - 3 cm DC 6 cm RF 8 cm DC 11 cm DC 12 cm RF 13 cm DC 16 cm RF 23 cm RF Linear RFN


Our assembly drawings provide detailed instructions for proper configuration and are handy references during maintenance cycles. If you cannot download a drawing, please send us an email request with the part number and we will send it to you.  All drawings are for customers only.

 CAD Drawings (available upon request)

The assembly drawings are organized by ion beam source size in the tables below.  Each drawing starts with a part number.

DC Ion Beam Source

03DC05 – Assembly Drawing

Interface Kits

3cm Interface Kits – mounting the source to the vacuum chamber.

 504868A – 3 cm interface kit 6 CF with source.stp

 507143A – 3 cm interface kit internal mount with source.stp


505213A – Internal Mount
505216A – Discharge Chamber
504318 – Filaments
504319 – Filaments
504312A – 504316A – Electrical Posts

Power Supply

IBEAM 601 – Manual and Wiring

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