Sept. 2022 Newsletter

New Extra Wide Ion Beam Assist 

We have some exciting news this month. Plasma Process Group has just officially released our new 20 cm focal length divergent molybdenum grid set for thin film coating companies looking to capitalize on better control in their ion assisted deposition systems.

This new product is a great choice for those manufacturing new state-of-the-art systems, and for those interested in upgrading their older legacy systems that are still in operation today. The benefit of this extra wide beam profile is that it provides a way to cover a much larger area for your assisted deposition processes. It is the perfect grid set for very large area chambers.

The 23 cm Sourcecoupled with this new grid set can provide a wide range of capabilities for a variety of process requirements. The source can be flange or internally mounted, as shown in the image below. The internal mount configuration allows for adaptation to many coating systems. It can be adjusted to maximize your uniformity in your system. Please call us with your ideas.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 171525

Longevity In The Industry
Back in early 2006, we were concerned about our customers that were starting to see power supply failures on their legacy systems. We also saw that the type of power supply technology was becoming obsolete. We knew at this point that we needed to bring a new power supply to market. We knew we had to produce a drop-in replacement to our customers with this equipment and keep them going. This decision was a pivotal point in the future of Plasma Process Group.

By 2009, we had officially installed our very first I-Beam 703 Power supply. With the many improvements that have since followed, fast-forward to today and we now provide 10 variations of our I-Beam series power supplies to customers all over the world. We continue to keep our customers running production and supporting R&D.

We continue to manufacture our I-Beam series supplies for both RF and DC applications. With well over 250 I-Beam power supplies in the field, we know there are still others facing these eventual legacy failures so we will continue to be here for you. Call us. We’d be happy to help.


Screenshot 2022-08-24 082436

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