April 2016 newsletter

Ion Times

Class is in Session at Ion U

Come visit the PPG Learning Center! From Ion Beam Sources 101, where you can study an introduction to the basics physics to our latest technical White Papers, we’re making an ever-growing wealth of information available to our customers.

Reduce your system downtime by watching our tutorial videos on ion source installation and use, grid cleaning and reassembly, and RFN refurbishment.

Improve your coating results with our expanding research library of technical notes, run data and new concepts. You can find information on getting better results from your process setup, video and document help on typical source conditions, and ways to better care for your hardware. Please check in from ocasionally as we are continuously adding more papers, manuals, instructions, and videos!

While much of this information is posted openly on our website, to get access to the best information you will need to sign up for a free account. On the Account page, select “Register” to begin.

OIC in June

Come see us at the Optical Interference Coatings conference in Tucson this June! We’ll be there to learn some things ourselves, and to answer any questions about using Ion Beam with your coatings.