April 2017 newsletter

Ion Times

SVC TechCon 2017

Plasma Process Group is pleased to be attending the 2017 SVC TechCon on May 2nd and 3rd. We will be in booth #1003, so if you plan to attend please stop by and see us! As always, we will be more than happy to discuss ideas, talk tech, or even just chat!

Growing Pains

If you requested a quote from us in the last few months, you may have noticed something very unusual – long lead times! We have recently seen a tremendous increase in the number of customers and orders which caught us by surprise. We apologize to those of you who have had to wait longer for a grid set or 12 weeks for a power supply, and we are happy to announce that our lead times are starting to return to normal. The new staff that we have hired are finishing training which is increasing our production capabilities. We have also undergone a shift in the organization of the company – streamlining our production throughput without sacrificing quality. Our goal is to have high-quality staff producing high-quality products!

A Modern Take on an Ancient Greek Goddess

Techne IBD System

In ancient Greece, a successful engineer was said to be blessed by Techne, the Goddess of craft and invention. Indeed, “Techne” is the root of the modern word “technology”. With that in mind, the Techne IBD System from Plasma Process Group is engineered to present a new, fresh, and inventive platform for Ion Beam coatings, Ion Etch processes, and Ion Deposition capabilities for the Optical, Biomedical and other industries.

Techne IBD System
Techne IBD System

Inside Techne
Techne – A Look Inside

Building on the foundations from the Ion Beam systems that came before, Techne creates a much more user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-access environment for engineers, operators and maintenance technicians to work with. PLC-based controls eliminate the need for Operating System interface with updates, driver issues, crashes, and all the other headaches that come with any home computer. Chamber liners are easy to remove and clean. RF Neutralizers are placed at shoulder height within easy reach from the front of the machine drastically simplifying both tuning during operation and removal for refurbishment. Dozens of improvements have been made making Techne a far superior system to use on a day-to-day basis.

The Techne is also a physically smaller system, providing significantly more efficient use of laboratory space. With dual access doors the Techne can be placed in a dividing wall, allowing clean-room access to parts pre- and post-coating from the front and maintenance access from the rear. Featuring four 8-inch planets or six 7-inch planets, the total throughput of the Techne is comparable to a much larger system, while still reaching the same or better rate and uniformity specifications. Additionally, stationary masking for deposition processes results in almost perfect run-to-run repeatability as well as excellent planet-to-planet uniformity.

Rotating target faces keep the deposition plume much more constant through the life of the target, resulting in consistent process repeatability over not just two or three runs, but dozens of runs with no physical changes needed. Additionally, the face rotation of the targets offers a much higher utilization fraction of the target face, meaning less wasted material when the target is changed. A new three-target assembly is in testing right now, which will bring additional material capabilities to the system. Overall, the Techne provides an easy, inventive, and much less expensive means of expanding your existing ultra-high quality Ion Beam offerings or adding Ion Beam capabilities to your company.

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