August 2015 newsletter

Ion Times

Replacing your RFN Collector

     Collector replacement should happen each and every time your RFN is cleaned. The collector in your RFN is fabricated of Nickel that can react with Oxygen when it gets hot. Unfortunately, these reactions occur both on the surface and deep inside, meaning that a collector cannot be “cleaned” like other RFN parts. Conventional cleaning methods, such as media blasting, will not remove the oxide deep in the material. Consequently, reconditioned collectors will not have the expected 2000+ hours of operational life.

     Installation of a new collector can also be a tricky procedure. Perhaps you have replaced your collector before, but then struggled to get the RFN to tune correctly? This may be because your collector was not tight enough! The collector has a capacitive relationship in the RFN circuit, so the spacing between it and the RF antenna coil makes a significant difference in how the circuit works. Small gaps or movement between the collector and the discharge chamber will have a negative effect on the RF tuning. It is very important that the collector has a snug fit when installed. For more detailed information, click here.

     When you send your RFN to Plasma Process Group for a refurbishment, we custom-fit a new collector into the discharge chamber, giving it the tightest and most stable fit we can. We have the experience to know what the appropriate insulator lengths for specific hardware are, providing the longest time between cleaning cycles and the most stable tuning and operation.