August 2016 newsletter

Ion Times

Quick Selection Guides

A recent addition to our website are quick selection guides. We have a source selection guide to help choose an ion beam source. If you are uncertain about your process, have a look at the grid selection guide that helps describe the various grid options available. If you already have an ion beam source, we have a quick reference for the source, grid, and power supply options.

Diagrams for Ion Optics

Are you aware that different grid styles and sizes will produce different ion beam shapes? For each of our sources and grid styles, we have posted beam shape and grid option diagrams that help illustrate how the ion beam evolves downstream from the source. These diagrams can be found in either our sales literature or run data sections of our website. We hope they provide needed insight for your particular process and help narrow down the options available.

3cm DC Ion Beam Source – Featured Product

One of the more versatile ion sources, our the 3cm DC Ion Source

can be installed in myriad different ways. Capable of being mounted directly to a flange, it is much more common to see this 3cm source mounted “internally”. Whether pointed up, down, left, right, above or below,

the 3cm source can provide a stable, consistent etch or assist ion beam from almost anywhere in your process chamber. At 7.3cm in diameter by 12cm long, the 3cm source can also fit into many places other ion sources cannot. Though the source is small, filament changes are a breeze with easy access to the filament mount posts beneath the grids.

The 3cm ion source comes with a 2-grid graphite ion optics capable of outputting up to 75mA of beam current at 1500eV. Most commonly this ion source uses a filament neutralizer strung across the beam path. However, a downstream PBN option is available. This source requires one 2.75-inch Conflat feedthrough or two 1-inch or 32mm bulkhead feedthroughs. When mounted

directly on a flange, a 4.625-inch Conflat or larger is required. If using a PBN, one additional 1-inch or 32mm flange or larger is required. In vacuum, seven 18-inch beaded electrical leads facilitate the necessary connections.

The I-Beam 601 Power Supply offers complete control and operation of our 3cm ion source. With many of the standard connection and communication features, it makes a quick, intuitive change from older legacy power supplies still common in the field. For PBN equipped sources, the I-Beam 602 serves the same purpose. If you need something more than our 3cm can provide, take a look at our other DC ion sources, the 8cm and the 13cm. They offer the extra beam size and ion current you may need for your larger-scale processes.

I-Beam 601

13cm DC Ion Source

Already have a 3cm source and just need some parts? Check out our Source Components section for many of the individual bits and pieces that make up your 3cm source. Head spinning with all the options? Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll help you configure your source package. We’ll make sure you get everything you need (and nothing you don’t!)