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OPTO Taiwan

Just in the event that you happen to be in Taiwan next month, Plasma Process Group will be exhibiting at OPTO Taiwan from August 29th through 31st! Come see us at booth #1026, co-exhibiting with our regional representatives, NFort Technologies. We’ll be available for questions, comments, and conversation of all types!

Pick a Source, any (Ion) Source

You have a large evaporator. You have a process. You know you need an ion assist source. How do you know which one is right for you? How do you know which grid style to choose? With hundreds of possible combinations, which one is best for your system, your process? We have produced a quick guide to selecting the right source and grid combination that will provide the coverage you need with the best window of ion current densities. This delightful tool can be found in our Learning Center by clicking on “Assist Source Selection Guide”. All you need is the size of your chamber, the approximate diameter of your fixture, and distance between the ion source and fixture.


We probably don’t need to tell you that the field of optics is changing at a phenomenal pace. What was cutting edge yesterday is standard spec today and by tomorrow may be old news. New uses of laser light are appearing significantly faster than the optics themselves can be designed. Entire domains of new use are being created every few months – for example, BioOptics were essentially theoretical about five years ago, and are now the obvious path forward in medicine. With the lightspeed growth of the market breadth, how is any company supposed to keep up with changing demand in optical coatings? Who has the available coating lab space to run a full-time R&D system for new coatings? That’s where we can help! We have the ability to let you come in and do your R&D work without bringing one of your critical coaters down!

Techne Apps Lab IBD System
Techne Apps Lab IBD System
IBD Process
16cm RF Ion Source in use

Our in-house Applications Lab gives you access to a full IBD production coater to test new processes, validate theoretical coatings, or otherwise research ideas your engineers develop without interfering with your production schedule. Our Techne IBD system is capable of running any standard sputtering materials with the full range of process gases like Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and others. While we do not allow radioactive or toxic materials, we can accommodate almost anything else. All you have to do is provide the materials and the recipe.

The Applications Lab at Plasma Process Group can accommodate substrates of as little as a few millimeters to up to 19cm in diameter on our three 8-inch planets. Each planet can support multiple smaller substrates or a single larger substrate, and substrates of different shapes as well, including cubes, cylinders, prisms, and more.

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