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November 2015 newsletter

Ion Times Proper care for your Ion Source Grids Even though we offer grid cleaning services, many customers choose to do their own ion source grid maintenance. With proper attention to detail, keeping your grids in good working order is not too difficult. There are a couple important things to keep in mind. As with […]

Ion Assisted Deposition

As coating specifications and tolerances become more challenging, you may find yourself unable to meet customers’ needs with a standard evaporative coater. With this in mind, many evaporative coating facilities are looking into Ion-Assisted Deposition (IAD) to provide added value to their existing equipment. The benefits of IAD are plentiful, and ion beam sources can […]

QCM Sensitivity with IBAD

  As a deposition system manufacturer, we have the opportunity to investigate what causes process problems, and how best to fix or at least address them. When you invest in a Techne IBAD system from Plasma Process Group, you also benefit from our insight into these problems that have plagued deposition processes since their inception. Here […]

QCM Control

If you run quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) controlled processes, you probably have noticed that a quartz crystal can seem very unstable, particularly on short layers. Since you rely on the accuracy of this device for the repeatability of your coatings, instabilities and noise can be a major headache and lead to inaccuracies. Selection of the […]