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April 2016 newsletter

Ion Times Class is in Session at Ion U Come visit the PPG Learning Center! From Ion Beam Sources 101, where you can study an introduction to the basics physics to our latest technical White Papers, we’re making an ever-growing wealth of information available to our customers. Reduce your system downtime by watching our tutorial […]

March 2016 newsletter

Ion Times Boldly Going Where No Technician Has Gone Before How many times has a great idea struck you – one that could really revolutionize your product line. But you are buried in production with no time for a little proof-of-concept R&D work. Let us help. Our Applications Laboratory equipped with a fully-automated Techne IBAD […]

February 2016 newsletter

Ion Times Surely sometime, somewhere, you have realized that you cannot remember everything about the equipment you are using. If you, like everyone else on the planet, occasionally find your self scratching your head trying to remember how those grids were assembled, or why there are extra parts after RFN maintenance, then it’s time to […]

January 2016 newsletter

Happy New Year! Our New Years Resolution is to help you find the ion beam solution you require. For that, we’ve made some major updates to our website! Check out all the new stuff available, including significant updates to the online store! Our on-line catalog was re-organized by product categories. Each product has additional links […]

December 2015 newsletter

Ion Times Powering your Process It’s been mentioned before, and you can be sure we’ll mention it again – Plasma Process Group has the replacement for your old, dying power supplies. If you’re curious but you don’t want to commit without seeing for yourself how well our supplies work, ask about our Demo unit! We’d […]