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RFN help

  We do a lot of cleaning and repair service at Plasma Process Group and we get a good chance to see your hardware throughout its life cycle. For the same reason, we also get to see what causes that life cycle to shorten. Here are a few quick things you can do or keep in […]

September 2015 newsletter

Ion Times We Have The Power! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the lab, lurking below the surface of your coating system is an ancient power supply that could die at any moment! You thought you could repair him, but suddenly, no one makes that part anymore! What will you […]

August 2015 newsletter

Ion Times Replacing your RFN Collector      Collector replacement should happen each and every time your RFN is cleaned. The collector in your RFN is fabricated of Nickel that can react with Oxygen when it gets hot. Unfortunately, these reactions occur both on the surface and deep inside, meaning that a collector cannot be “cleaned” like […]

July 2015 newsletter

Ion Times Ion-Assisted Deposition Turning down a sale is always painful – money that could have been made, if only you had the capacity or capability to meet the requirement. As coating specifications and tolerances become more challenging, you may find yourself unable to meet customers’ needs with a standard evaporative coater. With this in […]

May 2015 newsletter

Ion Times QCM Sensitivity with IBAD Have you ever observed the QCM deposition rate dipping below zero at the beginning of a coating (see the figure below)? Is the QCM losing mass or is the measurement sensitivity just too low? The answer is neither. The QCM measures mass by differences in its resonant frequency. However, […]