December 2015 newsletter

Ion Times

Powering your Process

It’s been mentioned before, and you can be sure we’ll mention it again – Plasma Process Group has the replacement for your old, dying power supplies. If you’re curious but you don’t want to commit without seeing for yourself how well our supplies work, ask about our Demo unit! We’d be happy to let you use our power supply for a week or two to prove just how easy the transition will be!

That’s right, you can try before you buy! If that’s not cliche enough, how about this? We’re taking it to the next level by returning to our core competencies and thinking outside the box – and that’s how we came up with a smaller box! Our I-Beam all-in-one power supplies combine the entire power supply cluster into a single unit, simplifying connections and user interface. Further, if anything goes wrong with your new I-Beam power supply, we’ll send our loaner unit to you so you’re not system-down during repairs!

We have an App for that…

Our Applications Lab can help you do research and development on a dual-ion-beam deposition system without slowing down your production! If you don’t have any ion beam systems, our in house Techne system can help you decide if ion beam deposition is a smart move for your company, without having to invest more than a few days and a few dollars! Bring us your process, parts and engineers, and we’ll let you use our fully-equipped, fully-automated in-house system to test for yourself!

Have a new process idea, but you’re not quite sure how to do it? Let our engineers help figure it out! The Applications Lab at Plasma Process Group is your ticket to becoming the market leader in a whole new product line.

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