February 2017 newsletter

Ion Times


Please come visit us in the Holiday Inn, San Jose, booth #60 on February 23rd. We encourage everyone to stop by and chat, ask questions, and talk through what we can do to help you meet your deadlines, expand your business, and meet your production and R&D goals this year.  Hope to see you there!

Replacement Power Supplies

We try to keep a close watch on the needs of our customers to put ourselves in the best position to help you when you need it, and as fast as possible! As such, we have noticed a recent and extraordinarily large uptick in the number of old Ion Tech power supplies failing. For us, this translates into a big spike in the need for our I-Beam 703 All-In-One power supply, which replaces the entire RF2001 setup including the RF Generator. Due to the sheer size of this spike, we have gone through great lengths to improve our ability to directly assist you – including hiring several new staff members to help with everything from circuit board soldering to unit configuration! Since our I-Beam 703 is a direct, drop-in replacement for your old Ion Tech 2001 setup, save yourself some time and the huge headache of being system-down when those old units fail and look into our replacement power supplies now!

The Little (6cm) Ion Source That Could

Getting a round ion source to fit in a square vacuum port can be challenging. Sometimes you need an ion source of a smaller size just to make everything work. Plasma Process Group is delighted to offer our 6cm RF Ion Source, designed for coating or etch systems that are short on space but still want to run reactive processes (oxides, nitrides, etc.).

6cm RF Ion Source
6cm RF ion source
6cm - Flange Mount
6cm – flange mount

Smaller than both the 16cm and 12cm RF sources but still capable of outputting 200mA of beam current at up to 1500V, this little guy can still be the workhorse for a smaller batch process system or a great assist source for a small evaporation or e-gun coater!

The 6cm RF Ion Source is designed to be mated with the I-Beam 703 All-In-One power supply from Plasma Process Group, but will work with most older Ion Tech power supplies as well. Since it is an RF Source, the 6cm does require an RF Matching Network. Highly-divergent or highly-convergent grids are available, with 25cm focal points to provide either optimum beam current density or optimum beam uniformity. The 6cm ion source measures 7.5-inches in diameter by 5.6-inches in depth. The shroud is not water-cooled, so only two feedthroughs are required – RF Power and DC Bias/Gas. This source is also typically purchased with an RF Neutralizer, which requires one additional flange (2.75-inch CF or larger). Give us a call or send an e-mail and we’ll help configure your complete source package, or just get you the parts you need!

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