February 2018 newsletter

Ion Times

Embracing the New Year

With January past and the big Photonics West show over we want to thank customers and prospective customers who stopped by our booth last week. We hope to continue working with you this year and into the future! With the rapid expansion of the photonics market, we, too, are bringing in some new resources and staff to help fulfill the dramatically larger volume of orders we have seen in the last year. We will strive to meet your needs for Ion Beam sources, Ion Beam systems, and support equipment!

Business In Florida

Come visit us in Orlando Florida this May at the SVC TechCon! We will be in Booth 631 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center on May 8th and 9th

The Mad Scientists’ Lab

We’ve been busy in the Lab at Plasma Process Group. We are bringing our newest Techne IBD System online as a test platform for customer processes – an Apps Lab! Available by the day, you can rent the use of our fully-automated, dual Ion Source, Planetary-equipped, 200+ layer Techne Ion Beam Deposition chamber. Need to validate a new process, but all your chambers are in full use? Use ours! Want to try IBD, but don’t want to spend the capital dollars on an unproven idea? Try it in our chamber!

Techne IBAD System
Techne IBAD System
Techne IBAD System
Planetary holder

Our Applications Lab optical deposition tool utilizes high quality equipment for IBD process. It can handle over 200 layers, each with a different thickness as needed, with an endpoint termination accuracy of a few milliseconds. The layers can be terminated on Time/Power, by QCM, or even by a third-party device such as an OMS. The system offers a planetary fixture capable of handling optics as large as 6.5 inches on each of its three available planets, or larger numbers of smaller optics on each planet. With uniformity capabilities of better than +/-0.5% over the full diameter of the planet, and planet-to-planet variation typically better, almost any optic can be run in this system.

A 16cm RF ion source provides the deposition capability, with rates of up to 4 A/s SiO2, or up to 1.5 A/s TiO2. Multi focal point grids offer the most consistent deposition plume for longer processes. A 12cm RF ion source offers Ion Assist capabilities for substrate pre-cleaning and in-process Assist. Both ion sources can be run on most gases or even combinations of gases.

Up to three different materials can be used in the process. Rotating target faces ensure that the deposition plume coming from these targets remains constant throughout your process runs, leading to even better run-to-run reproducibility. You are welcome to use any target materials we currently have in house and are welcome to bring in any other material you need (non-toxic or radioactive)! Contact us for more details.

Just because we like saving you more money, we also built our system to require a bare minimum of your time to run a process. Not only is the system fully automated using recipes built on site or at your leisure before hand, but the chamber itself takes a mere 30 minutes to reach process pressures from atmosphere leaving you with the maximum time spent testing your process and minimum spent waiting for equipment to be ready. Further, using our Apps Lab gives you full access to one of our system Techs who can walk you through (or just plain run) your process. Give us a call to set up your appointment time!

Techne IBAD System
Software control

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