January 2018 newsletter

Ion Times

Photonics West 2018

Happy New Year! We hope to see you soon. Plasma Process Group will be exhibiting at Photonics West later this month, in the North Hall, booth #4341. Come see us if you have questions or want to chat about an idea. The show is at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and runs from Tuesday January 30th thru Thursday February 1st.

One Stop Shop

Plasma Process Group can be your one stop shop for Ion Beam System needs! On the top end, we offer our Techne Ion Beam Deposition System. With dual ion sources (deposition and assist), either fixed-axis high speed or planetary fixture, and a rotating face two-target assembly, the Techne is designed for production Ion Beam processes. It has an optimized geometry and it can handle almost any process with excellent uniformity and rates. With a small chamber volume and an large Cryopump, it can produce your coatings quickly.

Techne IBAD System
Techne IBAD System
3cm DC Source
3cm DC Ion Source

We also offer a wide range of gridded ion beam sources, both DC and RF. Our 16cm RF Ion Source is an industry workhorse, with up to 1000mA beam current and a variety of grid shapes. Our 12cm RF Ion Source provides an excellent mid-range Assist capability for evaporation chambers, or as a secondary ion source for DLC systems and IBD processes. Our 3cm DC Ion Source is a great budget option for research and prototype systems. We also offer 6cm RF, 8cm DC, and 13cm DC Ion Sources, as well as a 6×30/22cm Linear RF Ion Source, capable of switching between 6x30cm and 6x22cm grids for varying process needs. We are always adding to our product line. Stay tuned…

In the field of Ion Source Power, we have our I-Beam series all-in-one power supplies. Operating as both new supplies and direct replacement for most older Ion Tech-style supplies (both DC and RF), the I-Beam brings Power to the 21st century! The I-Beam 703 RF Supply can drop-in replace the entire cluster of RF2001 supplies needed for Ion Tech-style systems. All I-Beam supplies use the market standard for communications and so are backward-compatible in older systems while still offering new diagnostic information, higher communication capabilities, and 21st century circuit technology. The I-Beam 601 and 602 can replace your 20-year-old MPS Power Supply without interruption to keep you going for another 20 years!

A wide variety of grid options are available as well, for every size ion source we make and several we do not! We offer numerous standard grids made from Molybdenum and graphite. Most sizes of grids come with several shape and hole pattern options to provide the best ion beam for your specific situation. We also have RF and DC neutralizers! Whether you need a new RFN for your system or just a replacement gas isolator, we can provide the parts and services to keep you up and running. We can also replace your DC filament or Plasma Bridge Neutralizer!

Maybe you already have a fully-functioning system making excellent products, and all you really need is a vendor for the occasional replacement part that gets consumed or damaged. Plasma Process Group can help with that too! Call or e-mail us, and we’ll be happy to help with your parts needs!

16cm Quartz Discharge Chamber
16cm Discharge Chamber

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