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In the past few months we have added several articles to our learning center. The topics discussed in these short papers range from general descriptions of ion beam operation to in-depth results of system operation. Please have a look. More importantly, drop us a note if you would like for us to post data or results that could help you with your application.

16cm RF ion beam source – featured product

This month we’d like to draw your attention to a deposition work-horse – our 16cm RF Ion Source, capable of delivering up to 1A of beam current at 1500eV.

Using much of the industry’s most proven technology, our 16cm ion source can power through the thickest layers in your process without missing the mark on uniformity.

For those more interested in etching, our 16cm ion source can deliver a much more uniform ion beam than most smaller sources and simultaneously cover a significantly larger surface area. Equipped with highly divergent grids, our 16cm ion source can cover more than 21cm with a source to substrate distance of just 30cm. Our 16cm ion source is available in multiple mounting configurations, and we can accommodate many alternative flange sizes.

We have quite a few grid options available for your 16cm source, and of course the RF Neutralizer needed to run.

Save money, space, and spares by pairing the ion source with our I-Beam 703 Power Supply, an all-in-one unit that dramatically simplifies the mess of cables under your system! It’s also fully-functional as a drop-in replacement for most old Ion Tech power supplies. And if you need more than just an ion source, the Techne IBS Coating System is a powerful tool for creating the most complex optics at a tantalizingly low price!

I-Beam 703

Techne IBAD System

Already have a 16cm source and just need some parts? Check out our Source Components section for many of the individual bits and pieces that make up your 16cm source. Head spinning with all the options? Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll help you configure your source package. We’ll make sure you get everything you need (and nothing you don’t!)