June 2017 newsletter

Ion Times

Opening Doors

Coming to Colorado any time soon? Maybe for the OSA Optical Design & Fabrication Congress in July? If you should find yourself in our area any time and would like to visit, let us know! We’d love to have you visit to take a look around, show off our facility, and answer your questions!

Surfing the 5G Wave

Scheduled for 2020, the 5G Wireless revolution is bearing down like a tsunami and if you hope to get in on your share of that several billion dollar market, you are going to need IBS! Next generation wide-band notch filter and DWDM optic specs virtually demand the precision process control available only in IBS deposition systems, and the transmissive (loss) requirements require a film defect count unavailable through most other means. If you don’t have IBS capabilities, take a look at our Techne System! If you do, let us know what upgrades you need and we’ll show you how we can help!

Lining Up Your Ions

Plasma Process Group now has a 6cm x 30cm RF Linear Ion Source. Designed with flexibility in mind, RF and DC leads exit this source from the side instead of the rear, allowing the source to be installed in the chamber in a more ideal location than previous similar sources. Additionally, versatile grid mounting allows this source to be used with flat graphite 6x30cm grids or shaped Molybdenum 6x22cm grids, providing a range of options from a single source – 6x30cm and 6x22cm grids can even be swapped between processes!

6x30cm Linear Ion Source
6x30cm Linear Ion Source

6x22cm Grids
6x22cm Shaped Moly Grids

Linear Ion Sources offer a powerful alternative to large-area ion sources for ion assisted deposition. By aligning the ion source radially, a 30cm grid pattern in a linear ion source provides complete ion assist coverage to a 60cm rotating planetary fixture. Linear ion sources can also be paired end-to-end to create a 6x60cm or even 6x90cm ion beam, covering planetary fixtures of 120cm or even 180cm in diameter. The ion beam from Linear ion sources are also remarkably uniform along the long axis, ensuring that the entire planetary surface rotating through the beam receives the same ion dose. Also, since the Plasma Process Group Linear Ion Source is RF-driven, it can function on reactive gases like Oxygen, allowing a better, more controllable film stoichiometry. The benefits of this are numerous, but perhaps most importantly can include a significant reduction in the optical absorption coefficient.

A Linear Ion Source Package from Plasma Process Group will include the ion source itself with your choice of grid style, plus the vacuum interface needed for your system. It will also include the I-Beam 703 Single-Unit power supply to run all aspects of your ion source, the cables for the supply, and the RF Matching Network. The complete package include the RF Neutralizer and its interface kit, providing overall every item needed to install and run this device.

More detailed information about this ion source can be found here, and Run data and calculated beam shapes can be found here. Our vacuum interface options can be found here, along with grid choices for the Linear ion source. Finally, as always feel free to contact us directly with questions!

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