June 2018 newsletter

Ion Times

A Thanks of Show

Having just returned from two consecutive excellent trade shows, Plasma Process Group would like to extend a warm “Thank You” to everyone who visited our booth at either the SVC in Orlando or OptaTec in Frankfurt, Germany. We appreciate the strong and continued interest in our products from each and every one of you!

Well-Traveled Grids

Through conversations with customers in the last few months, we have learned just how difficult it can seem to handle international shipments of grids and RFNs for cleaning and refurbishment. Figuring out how to have Customs recognize that your box full of dirty hardware is not an import sale, not new hardware, not priceless antiques can be challenging. Thankfully, we have created some instructional documentation that can make your life, much easier. You can find these instructions here, with more detail and more information coming very soon. We’d like to make this as easy as possible for you, so please take a look! You should be able to perform this transaction with a minimum of fees and import costs!

Titanium Grids

Plasma Process Group was founded in 2003 as a service company to clean and repair ion beam sources and electronics. Shortly thereafter, the need for new grid manufacturing become apparent, 16cm Titanium Grids and we built up our first grid manufacturing production line. Thus, grid manufacture and maintenance has been at the heart of this company since the early years. We have had years to perfect our processes and develop new products. We are happy to announce a new line of Titanium grid sets, now available for 16cm sources in 66cm single focal point and three focal point styles!

16cm Titanium 3-FP Grid Set
16cm Titanium Grids
6cm Moly 25cm FP Grid Set
6cm Molybdenum 25cm FP grids

With any grid set, a very small amount of grid material will end up in your process – it is a natural physical side effect of using grids. For most processes, this miniscule contamination is irrelevant. In some very sensitive processes, however, Molybdenum can be highly detrimental due to its absorption 6cm Molybdenum 25cm FP grids characteristics. Titanium offers an excellent alternative with significantly different absorption spectra, allowing for ultra high performance optics at previously difficult wavelengths. Further, since TiO2 is a common high-n material, Titanium from grids can become a non-contaminant entirely!

Beyond Titanium grids, Plasma Process Group also manufactures high-quality Molybdenum and Graphite grids. We offer dozens of different styles, sizes, and grid hole patterns for your RF and DC sources. We’ve built grids for 16cm, 12cm, and 6cm RF sources, 2.5x22cm, 6x22cm and 6x30cm Linear sources, and 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, 13cm, and 15cm DC sources. We’ve even built adapters to allow you to use our grids on different tools. We offer a variety of focal points on most of our Molybdenum grids, and a variety of hole patterns on almost all of our grids.

Since we know that not everyone knows what shape or focal point will best suit their purpose, we provide a Beam Coverage chart on our website that can illustrate what the ion beam will look like coming from your source. Naturally, there is some variation in this shape depending on your chamber conditions and beam parameters, but this document can greatly help narrow down the possibilities to one or two grid sets that will work best for your process. These can be found in the Learning Center on our website under the “Run Data” tab. As always, you can also call or e-mail to talk directly to us with questions, comments, or requests!

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