March 2016 newsletter

Ion Times

Boldly Going Where No Technician Has Gone Before

How many times has a great idea struck you – one that could really revolutionize your product line. But you are buried in production with no time for a little proof-of-concept R&D work. Let us help. Our Applications Laboratory equipped with a fully-automated Techne IBAD system. Rent our system by the day, or
week, and implement your new process without interfering with your busy schedule.

You are welcome to come, watch and learn how to run the Techne system. If pressed for time, just send us your coating design and substrates and we will coat the demonstration parts for you. We can readily process 1″ diameter x 0.125″ substrates and we are currently setup for SiO2 and TiO2 films. If you have different substrate sizes or different material requirements, just send us an e-mail to explore the possibilities (no radioactive materials please!)

Let us help you develop that next-generation coating whether it be for Optics, Energy, BioMed, or any other idea you may have. Call or e-mail today to determine your material requirements, design specifications, get a project quote, and schedule your system time!


Plasma Process Group – Simple Ion Beam Solutions