May 2016 newsletter

Ion Times

Old is New Again

The R&D team at Plasma Process Group has transformed two older sources and upgraded them for your benefit. This summer we will be releasing our versions of a 6cm and versatile 6×22/30cm RF ion beam sources.

The 6cm RF source will allow users to gain the advantages of ion beam in much smaller spaces. With a diameter of 7.5″ and a depth of about 5.5″, the new 6cm RF source will fit into chambers where our larger 12cm and 16cm RF sources will not. Despite its relatively small size, the 6cm source will offer a significant increase in beam current over the 3cm DC source.


Designed specifically to be adaptable, the new 6×22/30cm RF linear ion source will allow users to select which grid size is most appropriate to their process. The larger size (6×30) increases the beam current and runs with flat graphite grids in a variety of patterns. The smaller size (6×22) offers shaped Molybdenum grids, which can provide the needed beam control for critical processes. Additionally, all feedthroughs exit the side (not the rear) of the ion source, which makes positioning the source much more flexible. This source is the perfect addition to a web or roll coating system…


OIC in June

Headed to Tucson this summer? Come see us at the OIC Conference in June! We’ll be in booth #117!