May 2018 newsletter

Ion Times

SVC TechCon 2018

Plasma Process Group will be exhibiting at the 2018 SVC TechCon, booth 631 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center. Come see us on Tuesday May 8th or Wednesday May 9th for the latest news, product information, and answers to whatever questions you may have!

Optatec 2018

We will also be exhibiting at the Optatec show held at the Messe in Frankfurt GmbH May 15th -17th. We are looking forward to seeing our European customers as this will be our first international show! We will be in exhibition hall 3 booth J90.

Feedback Loop

Part of our mission is listening and responding to your needs. We do our best to stay on top of new developments and process requirements, and to design solutions to meet these. However, we do rely on our customers to tell us what they need to do, or what they would like to be able to do. If you have recently come up with a great idea and you need equipment to pursue this, let us know what you need! We can provide tips and suggestions about ion beam source operation and sputter deposition that help accomplish your goals. We are here to help!

New approach to an old problem…

Compared with evaporation systems, Ion Beam technology has always been the comparatively slow deposition rates. With a High Current ion source from Plasma Process Group, we can now offer deposition rates nearly double the standard 600mA process rates. Available with our 16cm RF ion source, the High Current configuration can output up to 1000mA of beam current at up to 1500V of ion energy.

16cm High Current Ion Source
16cm High Current Ion Source
16cm High Current Ion Source
RF Neutralizer

In a given vacuum system, ion beam deposition rates are a function of two parameters: beam current and voltage. To first order, doubling the ion beam current will double the atoms sputtered from the target, thus doubling the deposition rate on your substrates. The key is to provide this ion current increase in the controlled, directional manner available only with gridded ion sources.

Our 16cm High Current ion beam source does indeed provide the increase in a controlled, reliable manner. We have kept the same footprint, size and shape as the legacy 16cm sources. We worked hard to improve RF efficiency and added extra RF power for unprecedented performance. Our standard grid shapes are all functional with this High Current ion source. It uses all the standard feedthroughs and connections from Plasma Process Group. The ion source can be run completely from the front panel of your I-Beam power supply or controlled remotely.

Complete High-Current Package
Complete High-Current Package

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