November 2018 newsletter

Ion Times

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your support and business this past year. It’s hard to believe the holidays are fast approaching. For our contribution to black Friday specials we are offering the chance to test drive our I-Beam 703 power supply. If you are concerned with aging power equipment on your production lines and a failure would be disruptive, it might be time to schedule your 3-week Demo period. Use 3 weeks to confirm the communication, source operation and recipe process all work as expected. We are here to help keep your production system alive. Just think, if you qualified a new power supply before the first failure in your old equipment, your boss might personally thank you.

Something broke on the production system?

Working with ion beam equipment can be very challenging, but many issues can be resolved over the phone or email. We never charge for phone or email support. But when it comes time to send equipment back for evaluation, please visit the general information section of our website. There you will find a Return Authorization form. Please fill it out to start the process. We pride ourselves on a quick return as we know that when your system is down, you are not making money.

Upcoming Show… the big one.

Headed to Photonics West in 2019? Come visit Plasma Process Group in booth 5451! Dan and Jim will be on hand to discuss your latest process need, the new technology you’ll want to meet the latest customer requests, and how to bring Ion Beam Deposition capacity into your lab without breaking the bank!

Same size ions, smaller source…

Last month we introduced the brand new 23cm RF ion source, our largest ion source to date. This month, we travel to the opposite end of the spectrum. Sometimes you just need a smaller ion source! The 6cm RF source from Plasma Process Group is an ideal fit for smaller R&D chambers, one-off production systems, and smaller coaters. Combining all the benefits of RF into a smaller, tighter-fitting, and less expensive package, the 6cm RF source opens up new doors for small-volume production systems.

6cm source
6 cm RF source
6cm source grids
6 cm grids

The 6cm RF source can be highly valuable in Ion Beam Figuring as well. Because it can run with gases like Oxygen, it can even be used in Reactive Ion Etch processes. Further, with highly divergent or convergent grids (25cm focal point), it can project a wide area of uniform beam (divergent) or a tightly focused etch point (convergent). The beam current range from 25 – 200mA allows for slow, precision etching or faster larger area etching from the same ion source. Finally, beam voltage capabilities of 50 – 1500eV (equal to any of our other ion sources) gives the 6cm source access to the full range of ion beam processes.

At 7.5-inches in diameter by 5.6-inches deep (cylindrical), the 6cm source takes up less space inside your chamber. Available in Flange Mount or Internal Mount configurations, the 6cm source can also be installed however needed inside vacuum. Because of its size the shroud water cooling has been eliminated, thus using one less feedthrough on your chamber as well. As with any RF source, it does require an radio frequency neutralizer (RFN) and associated flange, and an RF Matching Network will be mounted on the atmosphere side of the source. For Flange Mount configurations, a 10-inch Conflat is standard. For Internal Mount configurations, two 2.75-inch Conflat flanges are standard. Other flange options can be considered.

Designed to operate with an I-Beam 703 power supply from Plasma Process Group, the 6cm RF source will also interface with most older Ion Tech RF supplies. A standard source package includes the power supply, cables, and Matching Network, plus the RFN and flange, ion source, grids, and source interface flanges. Call or e-mail today for more information and to configure your 6cm Source Package!

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