October 2016 newsletter

Ion Times

The Source – A Reference Guide

If you’ve ever looked at your ion source and thought that maybe something wasn’t working quite right – is that accel current a little high? – take a trip to our website! We have an array of Source Run Data available in the Learning Center, where you can find typical conditions for all of our ion sources. Small discrepancies are to be expected, but it can help determine if you need to be worried!

Cleaning and Refurbishing Service

While cleaning your grids and refurbishing your RFN might seem like something you can do yourself, consider whether your time might be better spent making product and let us do your grid and RFN repairs! Our grid cleaning service is fast and inexpensive and can catch problems with your grids before they cause a process failure. We provide reports with each cleaning that will provide insight on the overall grid and RFN health to help you predict replacement timing. We have also refurbished hundreds of RFNs, and we offer a 100% guarantee on the performance of our RFN refurbishments. Many of our customers get over 2000 hours of operation between cleanings!

The Techne Ion Beam System – Featured Product

We are proud to offer a total solution for your sputter coating needs. Our Techne Ion Beam Deposition system is equipped with the latest in ion beam hardware and is automated for the highest quality results while still handling volume production. A 30-minute pumpdown from atmosphere ensures your process starts with minimal delay, while our unique target assembly delivers extra long life and extreme uniformity!

Techne Deposition System
Techne – Front View

Techne Deposition System
Techne – Rear View

With a wide array of options, the Techne can be configured to meet your specifications. Equipped with either a planetary fixture holding six 7″ planets or four 8″ planets or with a single-axis high-speed rotation fixture, the flexible platform allows for rapid-change of product. The Techne was also designed with maintenance in mind. We’ve placed all the hard-to-reach stuff in easy-to-reach places. For example, the RFN ports are right on the side of the chamber, easily reached by a technician standing in front of the chamber. Front and rear doors make anything inside the chamber easily accessible as well.

Even the liners are easy to remove and clean, and we’ll give you the drawing, so you can make more if you want! With a footprint of 7 feet x 4.5 feet, less production floorspace is committed to the same production volume. The control system is PLC-based with a built-in network for remote access and control from a computer or phone (no bulky computers and no future operating system upgrades). Our I-Beam 703 power supplies also minimize the equipment mounted on the frame by combining all source power production and control into a single unit.

Process data is displayed on the screen in real-time, and all data can be backed up to the provided laptop computer for later recall. The process software can handle time files for Time/Power control, or thickness files for QCM control. We are currently working on adding OMS control.

16cm RF Ion Source

Ion Source Grids

Already have a chamber and just need an ion source for deposition? Or maybe Ion Assist? Take a look at our 16cm and 12cm RF ion sources. We offer several configuration options for both, and can provide a complete package or just the components you need! Not sure what you need? Give us a call and we can help configure the flanges for you! If you’re not convinced that you need Ion Assist in your Evap chamber, take a look at these Technical Papers (and, of course, their references!)

Plasma Process Group – Simple Ion Beam Solutions