October 2018 newsletter

Ion Times

Upcoming Exhibits

Having made it through the gauntlet of international exhibits over the last few months, we can finally look to our last domestic exhibit for 2018 – the 65th AVS International Exhibition in Long Beach, California. Plasma Process Group can be found in Booth #426 from October 23 – 25 (two weeks away!). Dan will be on hand to answer any questions and introduce the newest member of the PPG Ion Source Family, the 23cm RF Ion Source.

Believe it or not, we’re getting close enough to Photonics West 2019 to mention that Plasma Process Group will be exhibiting there as well – Booth 5451 – in January. Come see us at the industry’s most important show!

With Fall comes change…

It has been three years since our last change, and almost a decade since the last increase, but Plasma Process Group is officially going to be raising prices on all goods and services starting January 1st, 2019. However, all is not lost! We will also be introducing a new discount structure, designed to reward customers who make our jobs easier! Bulk quantities and order history will qualify your company for discounts on our new prices.

Birth Announcement

Plasma Process Group is delighted to welcome the newest member of our family – the 23cm RF Ion Source! With its 1.5A maximum beam current capability and exceptional performance at lower Assist-range voltages, this ion source fills the current need for a larger, higher-current ion source flawlessly. With its revolutionary design (the beam is round, but the source is not!), maintaining this source is a breeze despite its size, and we’ve managed to keep the price quite reasonable!

23cm Source
The New 23cm RF Source
23cm Source
Front layout

Primarily designed for large-coater Assist applications, the 23cm source can provide a very large coverage area with surprisingly large current densities at low voltages. For example, even at 100V our new ion source can still provide a beam current of 1000mA. With a 66cm focal point divergent grid set all that beam current is pointed into an area half a meter wide 75cm downstream. Additionally, because of the novel source design beam uniformity at these low voltages is naturally very good without any adjustments to the grid shape or hole pattern.

Lest you think that the 23cm source is a one-trick pony, this big little source can also provide a full 1.5A of beam current at higher (sputtering) voltages, making it a great high-current source solution for larger deposition chambers. Since your sputtering (and therefore deposition) rates are directly proportional to the beam current emitted from the ion source, extra beam current will result in higher rates and potentially shorter process times!

23cm Source
Side view
23cm Source
100V / 1000mA beam profile

The 23cm source can be used with all the standard flanges for Internal Mount or Flange Mount configuration. As part of the novel design, this source does not use shroud cooling, eliminating one of the feedthroughs and leaving just the RF Power and DC/Gas requirements. A special RF Neutralizer feedthrough and mount also allows a standard RFN to emit up to 2A of current. The RFN does require a standard 6-inch Conflat flange mount.
As with all our RF ion sources, the 23cm Source Package includes the ion source, grids, and interface kit, plus a standard RFN and its high current feedthrough. The package also includes the standard Matching Network and controller, the I-Beam 701 and an RF Generator, and the standard cable package.

Call or e-mail today for more information and to schedule your next big breakthrough!

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