September 2015 newsletter

Ion Times

We Have The Power!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the lab, lurking below the surface of your coating system is an ancient power supply that could die at any moment! You thought you could repair him, but suddenly, no one makes that part anymore! What will you do? No old coating chamber is safe!

But seriously, movie-trailer openings aside, a critical component of your coating systems is at its end-of-life: the power supply. Perhaps you’ve noticed the increased failure rate, the extra downtime, but you’ve been hobbling along by getting them repaired more and more often. Unfortunately, the time has come to retire those old supplies. Even we can’t get the parts anymore, and for that reason, Plasma Process Group is announcing the end of their Power Supply Repair service for the Ion Tech series effective January 1st 2016.

Don’t panic – We have a solution! The I-Beam Series of Power Supplies! The single-unit I-Beam is designed to replace that giant cluster of Triassic-era power supplies you are currently using. With a familiar, intuitive interface and dramatically simplified connections, our I-Beam power supplies can drop-in replace your existing, aging units. Communications are standardized, so your system won’t even know anything has changed. Even better, since the entire power supply is contained in one single unit, we’ve eliminated all those excess communications cables!

I-Beam units have been running in foreign and domestic coating labs for over 8 years. We manufacture the entire power supply in-house. All of our power supplies are subjected to rigorous tests including vibration and 24+ hours burn-in. Most importantly, each power supply is run on an actual ion beam source in an actual vacuum chamber under actual process conditions. When it leaves our facility, it’s ready to work at yours!

Call us today and ask about the I-Beam Series power supplies for both your DC and RF Ion Beam sources.