September 2016 newsletter

Ion Times

Free research

At Plasma Process Group, we do a fair amount of our own research and development, both to develop new products but also to characterize our existing products. Take a look at our Technical Papers available on the website – you can find some potentially useful information about sputtering, index of refraction, use of the assist ion source, and many other things that might just directly apply to your current project!

Apps Lab for Rent

Just in case you need some R&D that we haven’t already done we have an Applications Laboratory available! You can use our fully-equipped, fully-automatic ion beam deposition system for testing or proofing whatever process you might be interested in. The Applications Lab is available by the day or week, and provides full access to our technicians and engineers to help you run your process. Give us a call to schedule your time!

I-Beam 703 RF Power Supply – Featured Product

Just in case you haven’t heard, Plasma Process Group has a power supply that includes an ion source controller, DC bias supply, RF Neutralizer supply, and RF Generator all in one 19-inch rack-mount (4U high) unit.

I-Beam 703 RF Power Supply
I-Beam 703 Power Supply

I-Beam 703 Back Side
Back of I-Beam 703

The I-Beam 703 has continuously updated LED information displays showing operating conditions, as well as a simple, user-friendly interface for manually setting desired conditions. On-screen options include RFN and Ion Source test modes and an RFN health display that can improve downtime by helping determine when the RFN is close to failure. Several versions of the I-Beam 703 are available, including one for higher voltage requirements as well as a high-power variant capable of producing an 800mA ion beam. In most systems, a small adapter box allows our I-Beam unit to completely replace the aging RF2001 cluster of power supplies. Even better, with only one unit most of the extraneous cables are gone which dramatically simplifies setup!

The I-Beam 703 uses market-standard communications through an RS-232 port enabling standard computer control (in REMOTE mode) or direct user control (in MANUAL mode). It also has remote switch features allowing direct Beam Off / Beam On command for older systems. Cable connections use standard Mil-Spec and N-Type connectors. The unit also has obtained CE Certification.

The I-Beam 703 can be paired with any of our RF ion sources including our 6x22cm and 6x30cm Linear sources. This supply is also fully compatible with most Ion Tech RF ion sources, as well as most Veeco-style RF ion sources. The supply requires 208V AC 3-phase power input, and is air-cooled. Standard output is 1500V / 600mA Beam, 500W RF Power, but other options are available.

6×22 cm RF Ion Source

Linear Grids

If you’re looking for a complete ion source package, we’ve got you covered! Plasma Process Group has a wide array of ion source packages of both RF and DC styles which include the ion source itself, vacuum interfaces, grids, neutralizers, and power supplies. Take a look at our Interface Kit options to find the flange combination you need. Don’t see what you need? Not sure what you need? Give us a call and we can help configure the flanges for you! We also have a Source Selection Guide to help you decide which ion source is best for your chamber or process.

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