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January 2020 Newsletter

Optical Coatings: You design ’em and we coat ’em.

We have teamed up with Boulder Optical Design for the construction of our Optical Monitor (OM). For the first few months this year we will be building and integrating our entry level, optical monitor for deposition control. The monitor will be added to our Techne IBS deposition system for extremely accurate deposition control of optical coatings.

The Optical Monitor will allow you to input your designs, such as thin film polarizer or anti-reflective coating, and let the machine do the rest.

For now we will be working with a white light source and within the VIS and near IR ranges. We hope to have the full spec sheet available soon. Please contact us soon if you would like to schedule a demonstration.

Trade Show: Photonics West

In early February we will be at the Photonics West show and hope to see you there. Look for us at booth 5350 in the North Hall. Bring your IBS questions and let us know how we can help. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Quick Tech Tip

One method to check on the health of your RF neutralizer is to monitor the Keeper current and voltage. On the IBEAM power supply, toggle over to the RFN module. From there, select NEXT on the menu a few times until the current and voltage are displayed. A clean RFN will operate at 300mA and 25V.  When the RFN ages, the current may drop lower than 100mA and the voltage will climb over 35V. Very old RFN collectors will have difficulty achieving 100mA. Monitoring the Keeper current and voltage is just another tool in the box that can help with the decision of scheduling and performing maintenance.

From Brett’s Desk

Our IBEAM power supply consists of 6 individual power supplies and a controller. The power supply will run the beam, accel, source RF, and RFN all in one chassis. If our power supply fails from the harsh plasma environment – we want to know about it. We have a loner supply to get you up and running quickly.

Behind the scenes we look at everything from component flaws to design issues. We appreciate all of your feedback and help making our products better. Thank you for your support.



Product of the Month:  IBEAM power supplies

Integrating all RF, DC, and RFN power and control into a single 19-inch rack mount unit, the I-Beam 700 series Power Supply was a revolution when it was first released in 2009.  The oldest unit, the I-Beam 701, has a long history and is still used in systems where a separate RF generator is required.  The I-Beam 703, which has its own RF generator, has become the standard in the field for performance, quality, and backward compatibility.  We have designed these power providing workhorses as drop-in replacements for aging Ion Tech RF2000-series supplies.  The I-Beam series has rugged output capabilities while using the same communications protocols and connectors, and can therefore keep older systems running.

Call us at 970-663-6988 to see if the IBEAM supply will help with your equipment.


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