Learning Center

Ion Beam 101 – if you are new and just starting out with lots of questions.

Ion Beam Sputtering 101 – for an introduction to the physics and terminology.

Manuals for Plasma Process Group Equipment

Drawings for Plasma Process Group Hardware

Video Center – for training and help.

Introduction Guides and Process Help

Source Selection Guide – A quick selection guide for choosing the appropriate source.

Grid Styles – A quick selection guide for choosing the appropriate grid assembly.

IAD Selection Guide – A guide for choosing a source for ion assist applications.

Quick Selection Guide – Overview of the selection process.

Beam Information
Source Care and Other Tidbits

RF Source Care – discharge chamber.

RF Source Care – antenna.

RF Matching Network – tuning issues.

A 5-minute video that shows how to install an IBEAM 703.

A 3-minute video that shows normal RF source operation.

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