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Welcome to our learning center where you will find an assortment of useful information.  If you are new to the world of ion beam, we recommend checking out the 101 series below.

Ion Beam 101 – if you are new and just starting out with lots of questions.

Ion Beam Sputtering 101 – for an introduction to the physics and terminology.

Introduction Guides and Process Help

The Selection Guides below illustrate typical ion beam solutions.  It is always best to chat with us if you are unsure about setting up and selecting a source.  In the Process section, you will find some useful tech notes about a variety of subjects.

Source Selection Guide – A quick selection guide for choosing the appropriate source.

Grid Styles – A quick selection guide for choosing the appropriate grid assembly.

IAD Selection Guide – A guide for choosing a source for ion assist applications.

Quick Selection Guide – Overview of the selection process.

Beam Information

Next, the Beam Information learning center is all about ion beam coverage.  First, Beam Shapes section has coverage diagrams of various size sources with standard grid assemblies.  These coverage diagrams are useful to examine how the ion beam shape is going to change downstream from the source.

In addition, the Run Data section will have actual operational data from our standard sources.

Lastly, you can use the Beam Calculator section if you would like to see how the ion beam current density varies at different conditions.  This web-based calculator is rather basic.  If you would like, we can run simulations using our in-house beam calculator if there is something more detailed you need to examine.  Just let us know!

Source Care and Other Tidbits

Finally, the Source Care learning center is all about taking care of the equipment.  Proper maintenance and care of the ion beam source, its grids, and the RFN will promote longevity of your investment.

RF Source Care – discharge chamber.

RF Source Care – antenna.

RF Matching Network – tuning issues.

A 5-minute video that shows how to install an IBEAM 703.

A 3-minute video that shows normal RF source operation.

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