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We are now producing films using our in-house Techne system. We are currently examining a select few coatings for some of our customers.  We are growing SiO2, TiO2 and Ta2O5 is coming soon. We are currently using a planetary and examining stress reduction in Titanium films. Let us know if you would like us to try a thin film design for your project!

Customer appreciation

Thank you to all of our customers who have purchased grids this past year. We very much appreciate your continued business. Our production team prides itself with the highest of standards for assembly and care of this critical equipment in your coating machines. Let us know how we can help your production line as we can provide release schedules for blanket orders.

Preview for next month

One of the more popular downloads from the web is our RF source manual. Our support team has listened to your comments and suggestions and we have been working on a new version this past summer. Hopefully the newer version will provide additional insight and offer quick solutions to common troubleshooting activities. Look for the newer edition this next month.

From Colin’s Desk

Demand for precision filters such as those used in next generation data and telecom optics is directing PPG’s process activities towards developing 50 GHz precision thin film coatings. Our sales director, Colin Quinn, stated, “the introduction of 5G communications technology promises to grow our business and enhance technology development throughout the industry”.


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Product of the month: The radio frequency neutralizer (RFN) – electron source.

The RFN provides electrons to the vacuum environment which helps mitigate space charging events. Ions in the process may induce arcing damage on the optical (or electronic) parts if the positive charge is not balanced. The RFN provides more electrons than ions into the system to prevent substrate damage. Please call us if you feel your RFN is not working properly.