History of Plasma Process Group

Celebrating 20 years helping customers!

Plasma Process Group, Inc. started in 2003 with three guys in a garage for our first few years.  We helped customers with services like grid cleaning, RFN refurbishments, and very basic power supply repairs on legacy ion beam equipment. This hard work and dedication continued when we finally moved to an actual facility in 2004. From three to five employees, we began to build both our staff, our sales and our width in products and services to improve our ability to focus on our customers.

By 2011 we had begun broad manufacturing of not only parts and pieces, but complete ion beam source packages, power supplies and even the Techne ion beam sputter (IBS) deposition system. With many of the big challenges behind us, and substantial growth from 2009 to 2011, we had grown out of our first facility space and invested in our current and roomier building to keep up and house the amazing 14 talented experts we have on hand today.

Along the way, we have built up our manufacturing capabilities. We wind our own transformers for our power supplies. Our newly acquired sister company, Millennium Machining, provides our machine shop services. In 2020, we commissioned our own IBS system and formed Plasma Optik as another sister company that can provide IBS coatings.

In 2003, we saw a significant opportunity to help customers who relied upon ion beam sputtering equipment.  We enjoy working with our customers and helping them keep their systems up and running.  Ion beam sputtering (IBS) or ion assist can be very challenging and we are here to support the needs of all who work with Ion Beam Technology.

A collection of our products including a 16 cm RF ion beam source, RFN, and our IBEAM power supply.

A standard source and power supply package.

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