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Welcome to our support center.  This is our central hub for directing you to the resources you may require.

Start with our Learning Center if you are new to ion beam sources and sputtering.  In addition to Ion Beam 101 literature, there you will find Selection Guides and Technical Notes.  The Beam Information section has a wealth of information about ion beam shapes, source run data and a beam calculator.  Other tech-tips and critical maintenance notes are located here too.

Learning Center – One location for collection of helpful documents.

When in doubt, read a manual!

Manuals – Our manuals are online for easy access!

If you are designing your own IBS system and need to research what type of sources we offer, check out our brochures and other sales information.

Sales Literature – A quick reference to find product brochures and information.

If you are eager to keep up with the latest, our newsletter is a great place to stay current.

Newsfeed – Latest information and useful tips.

Lastly, if you just need to find out other information, we post a few other helpful documents on our Forms page.

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