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We are proud to release our latest educational videos in the Ion Beam Sputtering Series.  These videos provide a brief introduction to the fundamentals required for ion beam source operation.  We will introduce terminology and cover the essentials so that you can operate your ion beam source with confidence.

We also offer a few training videos designed to inform and educate new and seasoned users on very specific topics.

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Ion Beam Sputtering Series

Lesson 1: Vacuum – The Foundation for Ion Beam Sources

Lesson 2: Pressure – Measuring the Vacuum System Health

Lesson 3: Gas Supply – The Working Atmosphere

Lesson 4: Plasma – The Ionized Atmosphere

Lesson 5: Ion Optics – Extracting Ions from a Plasma

Lesson 6: Grids – Forming the Ion Beam

Lesson 7: Charge Exchange – Ions Interacting with Neutrals

Lesson 8: Neutralizer – Keeping the Charge Balanced

Lesson 9: Power Supplies – Electronics that Drive Ion Beams

Lesson 10: Avoidable Problems – Keeping the Ion Beam Source Operational

General Topics

Video: How to install our IBEAM 703 power supply on legacy equipment.

Video: Normal source operation.

Molybdenum Grid Assemblies

Video: How to clean and maintain grids.

Video: How to install a grid assembly.

Video: How to troubleshoot grid installation.

Radio Frequency Neutralizer – RFN

Video: How to assemble the RFN

Video: How to tune the RFN

Video: How to troubleshoot the RFN

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