I-BEAM – Power and Control

A rectangular chassis with LED displays houses the electronics to operate the ion beam source and neutralizer.

The I-Beam 700 series Power Supply was a revolution when it was first released in 2009 by integrating all RF, DC, and RFN power and control into a single 19-inch rack mount unit. The IBeam 701 is used in systems where a separate RF generator is required. The IBeam 703, which has its own RF generator, is the standard in the field for performance, quality, and backward compatibility.

We have designed these power as drop-in replacements for aging Ion Tech RF2000-series supplies. The IBeam series has rugged output capabilities while using the same communications protocols and connectors, and can therefore keep older systems running.


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Power Supplies and Accessories

The IBEAM 703 series are stand alone and do not require an external RF generator.

Our power supplies are CE certified.

IBEAM 703-1-0 I-BEAM RFS/RFN 600mA/1500V Beam

IBEAM 703-1-1 I-BEAM RFS/RFN 600mA/1500V BEAM and IBOX 104

IBEAM 703-2-0 I-BEAM RFS/RFN 800mA/1500V Beam

IBEAM 703-2-1 I-BEAM RFS/RFN 800mA/1500V BEAM and IBOX 104

IBEAM 703-4-0 I-BEAM RFS/RFN 1000mA/1500V Beam

IBEAM 703-4-1 I-BEAM RFS/RFN 1000mA/1500V BEAM and IBOX 104

505752A – IBEAM 703 cable kit with beam, RFN and RF cables

IBOX-104 – adaptor for connections to an Ion Tech style configuration (legacy equipment)


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