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Selecting an ion beam source can be a fairly challenging endeavor. The process really starts with the size of the vacuum system for the ion beam source as they require good vacuum conditions for proper operation.  For example, small vacuum systems (e.g. ISO100) with limited pumping capacity, a DC source (like a 3 cm) might be the only option.  Medium pumping stations (e.g. ISO250 or ISO320) can operate a 6 cm and 12 cm sources, in addition to the smaller DC sources.  Larger pumping capacity stations can generally operate all source sizes.

After a source size is selected, the next choice will be grid styles.  Grid assemblies control the ion beam’s shape, or focus.  If the desire is to keep the ion beam on a target to sputter material, then a convergent style grid would be appropriate.  However, if the goal is to have the beam cover a large area, then a divergent style is recommended.

Another choice is to select what type of source/vacuum chamber interface is required.  When a source is mounted directly to a removable flange, that interface is called a flange mount.  If the source needs to be pointed differently than a flange mount configuration, sometimes an internal mount approach is better.

To help you with the process, we posted the selection guides below.

Selection Guides

Source Selection Guide – A quick selection guide for choosing the appropriate source.

Grid Styles – A quick selection guide for choosing the appropriate grid assembly.

IAD Selection Guide – A guide for choosing a source for ion assist applications.

Quick Selection Guide – Overview of the selection process.


Detailed source specifications and configurations are found in our brochures below.  Ion beam sources require stable electronics for operation and our power supply brochures below provide more information.

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Please check out our sister companies Plasma Optik and Millennium Machining if you still might need help.

Plasma Optik offers IBS optical coating services.  We have a dual ion beam sputter coating system setup for many types of ion beam sputtered films.

Millennium Machining offers machining services if you need custom parts, tooling or other hardware for your vacuum system.

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