6 cm RF Ion Beam Source

A round cylinder houses the ion beam source and multi aperture grid assembly produces the 6 cm ion beam.

Currently our smallest RF source, the 6cm can provide all the benefits of radio frequency ion source technology in a smaller and more compact form. With a maximum beam current of 200mA at 1500V, the 6cm source is ideal for research and smaller production systems. This source also finds a home in etch and ion beam figuring systems with its highly divergent or highly convergent grid options. The body of this source is not water-cooled, thus requiring only two feedthroughs — RF power and DC Bias/Gas. Designed around the flexibility of internal mounting, the 6 cm RF ion beam source is also capable of being mounted directly to a flange for process flexibility.

We can help you configure this source with the appropriate grids and interface kit.  Just let us know what you need to achieve and we can help.


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06RF – 6 cm RF source


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