6×22 cm or 6×30 cm RF Linear Ion Beam Sources

A rectangular stainless steel box houses the ion beam source and multi aperture grid assembly produces the 6x30 cm ion beam.

Our Linear ion beam sources are useful for in-line applications such as roll-to-roll or web coaters. The 6x30cm RF ion beam source can be equipped with either 6x30cm collimated graphite grids or 6x22cm shaped molybdenum grids, allowing greater process flexibility with a single ion source. Additionally, the gas, RF antenna cooling water, and DC connections have been placed on the side of the ion source instead of the rear giving the ion source more placement flexibility inside the chamber. We also offer a standard 6x22cm ion source with most of the same benefits, but constrained to 6x22cm molybdenum grids. As with all RF ion sources, these can be run with both inert and reactive gases allowing a huge range of processes. With a maximum of 500mA and 1500V, these linear ion beam sources can handle both high-rate, high-throughput and precision assist or etch operations.


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In-Line Process

Product and Components

06X22RF – 6×22 cm RF source

06X30RF – 6×30 cm RF source


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