The specific application will require the correct ion beam products.  We offer several ion beam sources and can help you select one.

Ion beam sources can be used for sputtering material or etch.  The ion beam source works when a discharge, or plasma, is created inside the source.  Ions inside the source are contained using a discharge chamber.  The plasma is created using an RF antenna attached to a matching network and generator.  The ion beam grids or grid assembly is connected to extract the ion beam and it functions to direct the beam towards the target or substrate.

The ion beam source is operated using our IBEAM power supply.  This power supply has a beam module to control the ion energy (voltage) and dose (beam current).  The accelerator module controls the ion trajectories.  The RF module establishes the plasma and the RFN module connects to the neutralizer.


June 2024 Newsletter

Ion beam source video series is now available for old and new users in the industry.

2.75 inch RFN CF style flange

March 2024 Newsletter

This month we are doing an in-depth look at common feedthrough issues that can occur during the installation and operation of an ion source.

March 2022 Newsletter

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March 2022

Thanks To All Of You
We’d like to send a special thank you out to all of you at SPIE 2022 for taking the time to stop and say hello to us at the Photonics West show in January. We had a blast! It was great to see many of our long-time colleagues and meet many new folks who had come by for the first time. Your presence was greatly appreciated, and we look forward to more conversations throughout 2022.  
Get Ahead Of The Supply Chain Curve
Our General Manager, Linda, and her crew are working diligently to make sure we have limited disruption of critical parts from our vendors. We are seeing a wide range of supply chain issues with new ones cropping up daily. However, our current inventories are healthy, and we are ordering for the future.  

Please let our sales team know your annual demand requirements and we’ll do all we can to try to keep the lead-times and costs down for any mission critical hardware you might require. Be sure to get ahead of the curve. 

Improved Beam Estimator
Interested in seeing an ion beam profile that meets your requirements? Checkout our new and improved “Beam Estimator
We recently updated our ion beam profile estimator.  This handy tool allows you to input ion beam conditions including a downstream location.  An estimated beam profile is plotted which can be downloaded to a CSV file for your own use.  

Beam profiles are an excellent method for determining etch and wear patterns.  They can also be used to predict sputter target life.  This
web-based tool is located in our Learning Center or by clicking here: Graphing Calculator 
Below is a typical profile from a 16 cm source with 3 focal point grids.  The current density in mA/cm^2 is plotted against radial position for a location 30 cm downstream.  Give our estimator a try to see what shape your ion beam may be!”  

Screenshot 2022-02-23 162140
Call us now for your ion beam equipment needs at

Please visit our website at Plasma Process Group. Contact our Sales Manager  Dan Bouillez  to set up a time to discuss your ion source needs with us while you visit.  
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