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August 2019 newsletter

23 cm deployed

We have successfully installed our first 23 cm source in a customer system. In the past quarter our first source was delivered and installed. Our support team has worked diligently to help our customer optimize and test their process.

Next stop

In the past month, the engineering team has designed a 3 focal point grid assembly for the 23 cm source. Our hope is to offer a larger source alternative for the existing ion beam systems. Maybe increase your deposition rate and system throughput! Stay tuned…

Beam Shape Calculator

We have developed a web based tool to help you estimate beam density for various source conditions. This calculator uses empirical data alongside a complex model to provide estimates of the ion current density downstream from a source. You can select grid size and beam conditions to study how the beam shape evolves downstream. Call us at 970-663-6988 if you have any questions about using this handy tool.

From Linda’s Desk

We have been working very hard to improve our lead times, especially for common items such as replacement grids. Our manufacturing team has been exceeding our expectations and we have the ability to increase our production capacity. Just let us know how we can help you.


General Manager

Product of the Month:  12 cm RF source – assist beam workhorse.


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