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November 2019 newsletter

Apps Lab

Our applications laboratory continues to grow. Let us know if you would like us to try a thin film design for your project. We now have a Ta2O5 material along with TiO2 and SiO2 targets. Single layers or multilayer coatings – just let us know what idea you would like to test!

Manual Revisions

We have recently posted manual revisions for the RF source and IBEAM RF power supply product lines. If you are thinking of purchasing or have already purchased an ion beam source or power supply, both manuals provide insight and examples. The troubleshooting section is more comprehensive and we have included an advanced operation section in the source manual. Please contact us if you still require assistance with your hardware.

Preview for next month

We are adding new features to the beam calculator on our web site. This handy tool provides a quick estimate of current density for different source sizes and beam conditions. This next month we are going to add an accelerator voltage tab so that more and different conditions can be examined.

Quick Tech Tip

Keep an eye on (or is it ion?) your vacuum pump condition. Pumping speed plays a critical role in the operation of your source. Too low of a chamber pressure may lead to instabilities and too high of a chamber pressure may create unwanted discharges or arcs. It is good practice to monitor your vacuum system base pressure daily to catch small leaks or too much water vapor. Spend a few minutes baking your chamber (if possible) to remove water vapor before running a source and this will minimize grid arcing and improve source stability.

From Brett’s Desk

Thank you to all of our customers this past quarter. We enjoy hearing from you – even if you are calling about a source issue. Our passion is ion beam and our goal is to help you with your equipment. Please give us feedback on how our team can help.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Product of the Month:  16 cm RF source – deposition workhorse.

Our 16cm RF ion beam source is an industry workhorse, serving as the dominant deposition source in ion beam deposition (IBD) systems around the world. With an output capacity of 600mA, 800mA, or even 1000mA this dynamic and versatile source can satisfy a huge array of needs in deposition and large-scale Ion assist processes. Available with standard molybdenum, collimated graphite, or titanium grids, this source can be used in almost any type of contamination-sensitive ion beam process. This 16cm source can even be equipped with modulators allowing it to be used in metal deposition and etch processes, an operational regime normally challenging for RF ion beam. The source provides a 16cm ion beam which is then shaped by the choice of grids. Convergent, divergent, collimated, and even multi-focal point grids are available with this source.


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