July 2022 Newsletter

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July 2022

Some Exciting News

We are reaching out to our Plasma Process Group customers with an opportunity to increase your productivity. Plasma Process Group founder Brett Buchholtz started a sister company “Plasma Optik”to help support optical coating companies like yours. 

Plasma Optik is now ITAR compliant and offering optical coating services using ion beam deposition. They can assist you with coating backlogs and other research and development needs.  Please visit their website for more information at 

Jim Kraus is our Senior Coating and Sales Development Engineer who will get the ball rolling on your next project. Jim comes to Plasma Optik with a broad background in optical coating design, optical coating systems and coating process development. He will be ready to take on your next project or special coating needs immediately. Please contact him with questions at [email protected] to see how he can help you.

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Focus On Quality
Plasma Process Group as with all manufacturers, is always trying to improve. Even the smallest of improvements can have a big impact on your end product’s life, reliability and operation. We started years ago when we began as a company. As an example, one important component required for neutralization of our RF ion sources, was the RFN gas isolator.

Previous designs had a high failure rate. When RFN’s were being reassembled, they would break. Though not considered a consumable, the gas isolator was originally designed with a threaded tube end that would crack and even break off while tightening the collector nut during reassembly. Today, with improvements to this component’s design and manufacturing processes, this part was drastically improved. Quality is, and always will be an important to part of our business at Plasma Process Group. 

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Our Newest Ion Source
In case you missed it, we now offer a large 23 cm ion source for some large area applications. It can be purchased with 33 cm or 20 cm focal length divergent grids offering flexibility to meet your requirements. This ion source can help with your thin film quality in a variety of systems and applications. If you are building a new E-Beam system or just updating your old one, we can help you achieve those more challenging coating specifications that have become more critical in today’s thin film world. Call us with your questions and ask us how we can help you add this large area ion source to your system.
Call us now for your ion beam equipment needs at