The RF neutralizer requires maintenance from time-to-time.  In this article we cover RFN maintenance, RFN aging issues and other tips.

We manufacture ion beam sources used for sputtering material or etch.  The ion beam source works when a discharge, or plasma, is created inside the source.  Ions inside the source are contained using a discharge chamber.  The plasma is created using an RF antenna attached to a matching network and generator.  The ion beam grids or grid assembly is connected to extract the ion beam and it functions to direct the beam towards the target or substrate.

The ion beam source is operated using our IBEAM power supply.  This power supply has a beam module to control the ion energy (voltage) and dose (beam current).  The accelerator module controls the ion trajectories.  The RF module establishes the plasma and the RFN module connects to the neutralizer.


RFN Mounted to a 6inch Flange with Matching Network

November 2023 Newsletter

This month we are doing an in-depth look at RFN aging issues.  The radio frequency neutralizer (RFN) provides the electrons each RF ion beam source requires.  There is lots of useful information condensed for a quick read.